What we do

Creative design that challenges people to think, feel and behave differently.

Meaningful, beautiful, practical….

Our clients repeatedly tell us that Neu Design’s commitment to combining speed, agility, perspective and creativity with best practice delivery is what differentiates us. We help you to unlock new revenue streams and increase your engagement with your customers. Our core services span four key disciplines.


Neu Design always starts with your customer’s experience. We aim to craft the most inspiring journey for your current and future customers. Discovering a look and feel for your company can be complicated. By collaborating with you, we naturally ensure the process is insightful, focused and fun.

When creating a company identity we include all the aspects, ideas, methods, and techniques that your brand needs to be identifiable and distinctive.

We cover the following; brand identity, printed literature,  stationery design, marketing materials, website, We’ve even done champagne bottle labels!


Digital is at the heart and soul of our offering, we’re best known for our website and app development that marry design and function as well as being optimised for conversions and improved engagement.

 Inspirational web development is a holistic process. Our websites don’t only look great, they also perform. From the start, we consider your user experience, content strategy, information architecture, and how to market a site to clearly defined audiences.

We work with full stack Web and App developers, for those heavy weight projects that need a little bit more of a hands on approach. Otherwise we design and build everything in house.


Our illustrator Harriet Birt portrays human emotions through playful imaginations of people, animals and everyday objects. She works with vector graphics and digital tools, as well as by hand, to create work which is filled with humor and inspiration.

 If you want to communicate your point of difference with messaging that is unique and contemporary, its definitely worth considering using illustration in the design process.


We don’t like stock photography, although sometimes it’s necessary, personally, we think you deserve more. We love getting creative and showcasing your brand through strong, unique, inspiring and storytelling imagery. This is one of the most important things that you can do for your company.

Our style is to document, people, places and enviroments to carefully reflect your brand identity through each photo.

Don’t be shy, we’d love to work with you.