The British Dyslexia Association  






After completing a very successful campaign for Dyslexia Awareness Week, Neu Design were given the opportunity to design some new literature promoting the B.D.A  and we jumped at the chance!

The B.D.A. are, in their words, “the voice of the dyslexic people” with over 40 years campaigning for a better understanding of dyslexia. The B.D.A. are a charity that Harriet (our Creative Partner) is very passionate about. Harriet has worked closely with the B.D.A. for a number of years on numerous projects from campaign work to internal comms and marketing. Their design guidelines were created around a dyslexic individual making designing more informative.


19,000 Page Views online for  Dyslexia Awareness Week Campaign.

Visually Appealing.

To connect with readers, we implemented what every brochure or poster needs; an attention-grabbing cover, compelling content where we used charts and illustration to help support and convey the B.D.A’s message more clearly. Plus the use of a powerful call to action.

Higher Engagement

In a world full of information, you want to make sure that your brand really sticks out. We used illustrations that connected with the B.D.A’s customers on a personal level, which has ultimately lifting engagement and brand recognition.

Like what we’ve done for the B.D.A? Think we might be a good fit? Lets get to work!