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We love working with Lucy. Lucy is a specialist in executive coaching and executive team facilitation, coaching pairs of leaders in critical working relationships. In wanting to develop a new website and brand identity, Lucy was referred to us by one of our web developer friends, The Idea Bureau. Working alongside Lucy, we came up with a look and feel for her company. We took a type and iconography approach so as to focus on the notion of productive conversations as much as possible and to keep the messaging really simple. The website was a further reflection of this where we introduced an engaging ‘journal’ aspect so people can keep up to date and share thoughts.

What the client said

Harriet has helped me develop a brand and web presence. Her style is insightful and thoughtful. She asked really good questions upfront and I felt that she really understood me and what I was trying to do. She is very open about her design process and involved me at every stage. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend Harriet. She is also a fantastic photographer.

Lucy Ball – Director, Lucy Ball Consulting

Brand and proposition creation


Logotype, Visual identity, Brand Integration and Website.

We were trusted with handling all aspects of the brand and design process. We helped define the brand proposition, created the identity to communicate the values and then rolled that out across a number of channels and platforms.

Mobile and Tablet First.

In today’s world, its important that any digital experience is mobile and tablet first. For Lucy, and her clients, this was critically important. The website is responsive and designed for the ulimate user experience on a mobile phone or tablet device.


Lucy challenged us to create a ‘look and feel’ that was personal, intimate that communicated her values and proposition clearly. We shot images over several days in a documantary style to convey her approach and offering.

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