Perrie Hale 

CLIENT: Perrie Hale Nursery 




Perrie Hale is a long established nursery business in Devon. Initially Perrie Hale had some real concerns about pushing all their products online to create a full e-commerce shopping experience as it needed to incorporate shop management and stock control. We listened, worked through some ideas and convinced them that this was all feasible and in the best interests of their clients! Lots of emphasis was placed upon creating an intuitive user experience. We drew up sitemaps, wireframes and conceptual drawings to demonstrate the possibilities.

A full e-commerce site was then developed enabling the user to shop via mobile, tablet and web. Vector graphics were illustrated and formed a new distinctive look for Perrie Hale. The new site positions Perrie Hale clearly within their market sector and provides a distinctive, stylish experience that distinguishes them from their competition.


What the Client said

Harriet was the designer on our new e-Commerce website, we loved the fresh designs that she produced. Working with Harriet was great as she was responsive to our needs and really understood what we wanted to achieve.

Faye Davey – Business Partner, Perrie Hale

Full E-Commerce Development

Online Shop.

The site incorporates the features and functionality that help sell online.  Good navigation helps new shoppers find what they’re looking for without hassle. Compatibility with all screen sizes, mobile and tablet and, of course, quick loading times.

User Experience.

Design is all about striving to design and build an experience that a user finds simple, intuitive and easy to buy. This site through the development of wireframes and sitemaps does this.

Graphic Design Creates Distinctive Look.

These vector, eye-catching graphics aren’t just pretty, they immediately direct a user’s attention to a crucial call to action.


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